Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Message

Never loose sight of what's real and what's fake. Gotta maintain cause my life is at stake. And if you want the news, you gotsta come correct, just keep yourself together, put it ALL in check. Cause you can feel the rhythm of the positive, and if you truly seek, it's ALL relative. Keep in mind throughout your life, Only the Strong Survive. So take heed to the message, it'll keep you alive....
Ya know, it's crazy when folks get down on they self, constantly stayin focused on the money and wealth, and they be goin throughout they life always feelin they stressed, Unconscious to the fact that it could ALL be a test. That success, is only granted to the ones who perceive. Open ya mind and realize that everyone can achieve. -Giovanni-

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Simple Irony said...

I love your writing, you have such a beautiful mind!